Turning ideas
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We turn your ideas into reality


At BATS we would like to help you to turn your ideas into reality quickly. The current technologies give us the opportunity to rapidly prototype almost any kind of idea into working web, mobile or desktop applications.

Our goal is to go through many fast iterations with you and build your idea within a month or less so that it can be tested in a live situation. If the live test is successful we can help you get on the right track turning your idea into a final product, or we can build it for you but that will take a little more time!

Of course your idea remains your own, when the prototype is done we provide you with all the code and full intellectual property rights.


We build some tools to make your life easier

WatchM Analytics


We know that you are wasting allot of time analyzing all your data sources and that trying to find whats important to you can be even harder.

WatchM Analytics is an easy to use dashboard that brings together the power of all the tools you love working with. And we help you saving time and allow you to combine the insights from the different tools, no matter if they are cloud based or are located in your store.

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We are ready for the challenge

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WatchMOne dashboard to watch'em all!

Tired of exporting and manualy making corelations between the different marketing tools you use? We build a platform that takes away your problem, the idea is simple one marketing dashboard to watch all your marketing insights. Learn more...

Revenue management for parking area's.

How to maximize the revenue from parking spots, a problem we faced with Totta data lab. We found the solution by analyzing different data streams and using intelligent algorithms so that we can give a real-time price suggestions. 

Customer registration

Getting feedback from your customers can be challenging sometimes. Together with the design team from Secrid we builda customer registration environment, from which they can gather useful feedback about their services and product.

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